Eurovision NI’s Song of 2019 Group One: the Results!

Song of 2019, Song of the Year

This week we kicked off our annual competition to find the top 40 songs from former Eurovision stars in 2019. The first set of 16 contenders were posted on Monday and you have been voting for your favourites. It’s now time to reveal the results and announce which five songs have made it through to the final 40.

Topping the poll with 19.08% of the overall vote is Azerbaijan’s Eldar with his song ‘Rising Up’. Anna Bergendahl’s ‘Home’ was second with 12.98% of the vote. While Conchita’s ‘To the Beat’ (9.92%), Lena’s ‘Boundaries’ (9.16%) and Ilse DeLange’s ‘Gravel and Dust’ (9.16%) round out the top five and will all advance to the Top 40. The full results are below.


Eurovision NI Song of 2019 Group One: Results

1. Eldar- ‘Rising Up’ (Azerbaijan) 19.08%

2. Anna Bergendahl- ‘Home’ (Sweden) 12.98%

3. Conchita- ‘To the Beat’ (Austria) 9.92%

4. Lena- ‘Boundaries’ (Germany) 9.16%

5. Ilse DeLange- ‘Gravel and Dust’ (The Netherlands) 9.16%

6. Celine Dion- ‘Imperfections’ (Switzerland) 7.63%

7. Cesar Sampson- ‘Stone Cold’ (Austria) 6.87%

8. Mahmood- ‘Karate’ (Italy) 6.11%

9. Ari Olafsson- ‘Too Good’ (Iceland) 4.58%

10. Jala Brat- ’99’ (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 3.05%

11. Kate Miller Heidke- ‘Ernie’ (Australia) 3.05%

12. Dami Im- ‘Crying Under Water’ (Australia)  2.29%

13. Hovi Star- ‘Silver Spoon’ (Israel) 2.29%

14. Blue Café- ‘Talk to Me Now’ (Poland) 2.29%

15. Darude- ‘Surrender’ (Finland) 0.76%

16. Alfred Garcia- ‘Londres’ (Spain) 0.76%


Check back tomorrow when we will be unveiling the next set of 16 songs in Group Two.

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