Hatari Get Filthy with New Song ‘Klamstrakur’!

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Hatari stoked controversy when the erupted, clad in leather bdsm gear during their performance of ‘Hatrid mun sigra’ at Eurovision 2019 and then again when they flew the Palestinian flag during the vote reveal in Israel. A follow up single ‘Klefi/Samed’ in the immediate aftermath of the competition saw them team up with gay Palestinian singer Bashar Marad.

The band’s latest single ‘Klamstrakur’ sees Klemens take the lead on the vocals while Matthias’ trademark screamo vocals come in on the chorus. The song, which roughly translated into English means ‘Filthy Boy’, deals with issues of sexual repression, toxic masculinity and sexual identity.

The is deeply personal track and in an interview with Metro the band remarked that: ‘Filthy Boy raises questions about toxic masculinity, self-image and mental illness. For me, as the lead vocalist on this song, it’s me confronting shame about not necessarily fitting in, questioning the role that a man in the 21st century is placed into.’

The official music video expands on the ideas set up in the lyrics and sees Klemens express himself while pole dancing. Check it out, I suggest adding CC English subtitles:


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