Eurovision NI Awards 2019: Full List of Nominees!

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Over the course of today, we have been revealing the nominees for this year’s Eurovision NI Awards 2019. The fourth annual awards ceremony will take place in Belfast’s iconic Crumlin Road Gaol on 5th October 2019 with the show kicking off from 8pm. Awards will be handed out in the same 19 categories as last year. These will be decided by a panel of experts including the categories; Best Male, Best Female, Best Duo, Group or Collaboration, Best Live Vocal, Best Staging, Best Returning Artist, Best Moment, Best Video, Best Song Not In the English Language, Best New Song, Best Song From Selection Shows and Best Song.

As well as honouring the good, we also reflect on the bad with the categories Worst Song, Worst Lyrics, Worst Dressed Male, Worst Dressed Female and Most Cringeworthy Act. Also returning for 2018 is the award decided by the readers of our blog: The People’s Choice Award. Finally we will honour a person who has contributed greatly to Eurovision with the Phoenix: Outstanding Contribution to Eurovision Award which this year will go to Eurovision legends and international super stars ABBA. They will join Conchita Wurst, Linda Martin and the late Sir Terry Wogan in the Eurovision NI Hall of Fame.

In addition to the awards results, this year will see guest performances from the 1992 Eurovision winner Linda Martin and ABBA tribute band Lovelight. The night will also have an interactive Eurovision Quiz, a live People’s Choice Vote, a Eurovision themed disco and a few other surprises along the way. Tickets are now available from our Eventbrite page.

Read on for the full list of nominees!

Leading the nominations in 2019 with five each is Icelandic band Hatari who have been nominated in the categories Best Group, Best Song Not in English, Best Video, Best Staging and Best Moment and Russia’s Sergey Lazarev who will fight in out in the categories Best Male, Best Video, Best Staging, Best Returning Artist and Best Live Vocal. Chingiz (Azerbaijan), Michela Pace (Malta) and Eurovision 2019 winner Duncan Laurence (The Netherlands) received four nominations each.

Meanwhile in the ‘Worst’ categories, Georgia have been nominated for Worst Song for the fourth year in a row, this year for Oto Nemsadze’s ‘Keep On Going’, while Roko from Croatia and Leonora from Denmark have been nominated for four negative awards: Worst Song, Most Cringeworthy Act, Worst Lyrics and Worst Dressed.

Best Male


Duncan Laurence

Luca Hanni



Sergey Lazarev


Best Female

Kate Miller Heidke

Katerine Duska

Michela Pace

Sarah McTernan




Best Group, Duo or Collaboration

Darude ft Sebastian Rejman



Lake Malawi


Zala Kralj and Gaspar Santl


Best Song

Chingiz- ‘Truth’

Duncan Laurence- ‘Arcade’

KEiiNO- ‘Spirit in the Sky’

Luca Hanni- ‘She Got Me’

Mahmood- ‘Soldi’

Michela- ‘Chameleon’

Miki- ‘La Venda’

Tamta- ‘Replay’


Best Song Not in the English Language

Bilal Hassani- ‘Roi’ (French)

Hatari- ‘Hatrið mun sigra’ (Icelandic)

Joci Papai- ‘Ez en Apam’ (Hungarian)

Mahmood- ‘Soldi’ (Italian)

Miki- ‘La Venda’ (Spanish)

Tulia- ‘Pali Sie’ (Polish)


Best New Song 

Anna Bergendahl- ‘Raise the Vibe’

Benjamin Ingrosso- ‘Behave’

Benjamin Ingrosso and Felix Sandman- ‘Tror du att han bryr sig’

Conchita- ‘Hit Me’

Eleni Foureira- ‘Tomame’

Frans- ‘One Floor Down’

Ilse De Lange- ‘Lay Your Weapons Down’

Loic Nottet- ‘On Fire’

Michael Schulte- ‘Back to the Start’

Mikolas Josef- ‘Abu Dhabi’

Nathan Trent- ‘Legacy’

Netta- ‘Nana Banana’

Best Moment 

Jamala- ‘Crimea: is it Ukraine?’

Sweden Tanks the Televote

Hatari Protests Israel

Netta Debuts ‘Nana Banana’

Shalva Band Sings ‘A Million Dreams’

Eurovision Winners Medley

Nadav Guedj Shows Us Tel Aviv

Idan Raichel Project perform ‘Bo’ee – Come to Me’

Netta’s Entrance by airplane

Melfest Presenters Tribute to Israel at Eurovision

Best Song From Selection Shows

Aly Ryan- ‘Wear Your Love’ (Germany)

Anna Bergendahl- ‘Ashes to Ashes’ (Sweden)

Bella Santiago- ‘Army of Love’ (Romania)

Daniel Oliver- ‘Licky Licky’ (Iceland)

Electric Fields- ‘2000 and Whatever’ (Australia)

Hanna Ferm ft Liamoo- ‘Hold You’ (Sweden)

Heiðrún Anna Björnsdóttir- ‘Helgi (Sunday)’ (Iceland)

Malou Prytz- ‘I Do Me’ (Sweden)

Margaret- ‘Tempo’ (Sweden)

Maruv- ‘Siren Song (Bang!)’ (Ukraine)

Oscar Enestad- ‘I Love It’ (Sweden)

Seemone- ‘Tout Les Deux’ (France)


Best Video

Chingiz- ‘Truth’

Duncan Laurence- ‘Arcade’

Lake Malawi- ‘Friend of a Friend’

Hatari- ‘Hatrid Mun Sigra’

Michela Pace- ‘Chameleon’

Sergey Lazarev- ‘Scream’

Tamta- ‘Replay’

Tulia- ‘Pali Sie’

Best Live Vocal

Duncan Laurence- ‘Arcade’ (The Netherlands)

John Lundvik- ‘Too Late for Love’ (Sweden)

Jonida Maliqi- ‘Ktheju tokes’ (Albania)

Kate Miller Heidke- ‘Zero Gravity’ (Australia)

Katerine Duska- ‘Better Love’ (Greece)

Sarah McTernan- ’22’ (Ireland)

Sergey Lazarev- ‘Scream’ (Russia)

Tamara Todevska- ‘Proud’ (Macedonia)

Best Staging

Bilal Hassani- ‘Roi’ (France)

Chingiz- ‘Truth’ (Azerbaijan)

Conan Osiris- ‘Telemoveis’ (Portugal)

Hatari- ‘Hatrid Mun Sigra’ (Iceland)

Kate Miller Heidke- ‘Zero Gravity’ (Australia)

Lake Malawi- ‘Friend of a Friend’ (Czech Republic)

Michela- ‘Chameleon’ (Malta)

Sergey Lazarev- ‘Scream’ (Russia)

Best Returning Artist

Joci Papai


Nevena Bozovic

Sergey Lazarev


Tamara Todevska

Worst Dressed Male

Conan Osiris




Sebastian Rejman

Worst Dressed Female




Tamara Todevska


Most Cringeworthy Act

D Mol

Kobi Marimi


Roko Blazevic


Worst Lyrics

‘Caught up in this moment ’til my heartbeat stops/

I’ve been running barefoot to the mountain tops/

Nothing comes as easy as it goes/

I can hug the water when it snows/

I feel the sun upon my skin/

And I am someone, I am someone’

Ohad Shargai and Inbar Weitzman for ‘Home’ (Israel).

‘Travel the world to see/

The ruins of what has been/

Learning our history/

But still, we don’t take it in/

Why we make it tough, the world has had enough/

Don’t get too political/

And who are we to judge?/

It doesn’t take too much/

Only just a miracle’

Lise Cabble, Melanie Wehbe and Emil Rosendal Lei for ‘Love is Forever’ (Denmark)

‘I have a dream/

A dream as beautiful as it is extreme/

I know it’s not as crazy as it may seem/

So I don’t ever wanna give up on this dream’

Jacques Houdek, Andrea Ćurić and Charlie Mason for ‘The Dream’ (Croatia)

‘My life, my life was so empty/

And love was the furthest, furthest thing from me/

I got used to starting overs/

Being good, but not good enough/

I was ready to give up’

Dejan Božović and Adis Eminić for ‘Heaven’ (Montenegro)

‘Now you came into my life/

Falling, I’m in Heaven, falling/

I’m in Heaven, falling, straight into your heart/

Falling, I’ll catch you while you’re falling/

I hear your heart calling into my arms/

Falling, I’m in Heaven, falling/

I’m in Heaven, falling, straight into your heart’

Dejan Božović and Adis Eminić for ‘Heaven’ (Montenegro)

‘If you wanna see, just open your eyes/

If you wanna breathe, let’s go outside in the open/

Out of the open/

There’s no need to stay locked up inside/

This kingdom is yours and this kingdom is mine/

Let me show you’

Ashley Hicklin, Eric Lumiere and Pele Loriano for ‘Run With The Lions’ (Lithuania)

‘Every song, every tear/

Is just a bitter souvenir’

Eriona Rushiti for ‘Ktheju Tokes’ (Albania)

‘Who are you? What you really do/

When you have to fight the agony that’s aiming back at you?/

Who are you? Who you run to?/

Depend, defend, hope on/

Can you function on your own?’

Garik Papoyan, Lost Capital and Tokionine for ‘Walking Out’ (Armenia)

‘On a doctor’s order they say, say na na na/

There’s a light for you that waits, it’s na na na/

Say na na na, say na na na/

You’re not alone, so stand up, na na na/

Be a hero, be the rainbow, and say na na na’

Serhat and Mary Susan Applegate for ‘Say Na Na Na’ (San Marino)

‘She was my neighbour when we were thirteen/

She moved back in/

There’s not much between us now/

Do you know what I mean?/

She’s only a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend/

She’s never home ’cause she plays in a band/

I don’t know if you’d understand/

She’s only a friend of a friend of a friend’

Jan Steinsdoerfer, Maciej Mikolaj Trybulec and Albert Černý for ‘Friend of a Friend’ (Czech Republic)

‘It feels crazy a little, well/

I know what is going to work, it’s right/

Here to make me wiser/

Now okay, put our sneakers on/

And show your emotions on the floor/

Ah, hashtag feel fine, yeah’

Yulia Kireeva for ‘Like It’ (Belarus)

‘Give me water/

I’m a swimmer/

Give me fire/

I’m a fighter/

Give me love/

I’m your lover/

Make me cry/

I’ll be a river/

Take my heart/

I’ll be a giver/

I can change/

Like the weather/

When life brings me trouble’

Joacim Persson, Paula Winger, Borislav Milanov and Johan Alkenäs for ‘Chameleon’ (Malta)

Worst Song

D Mol- ‘Heaven’

Kobi Marimi- ‘Home’

Leonora- ‘Love is Forever’

Oto Nemsadze- ‘Keep On Going’

S!sters- ‘Sister’

Roko- ‘The Dream’

People’s Choice Award

All 26 Eurovision 2019 finalists are eligible.

The Phoenix Award for Outstanding Contribution to Eurovision



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