Eurovision 2019 Semi Final 2: Results!

Eurovision 2019 continued with the second of its live Semi Finals tonight. Only ten of the eighteen participants could make it through to Saturday’s final. Find out who made the cut!

Eurovision 2019 Semi Final 2: Results

  1. Srbuk- ‘Walking Out’ (Armenia)
  2. Sarah McTernan- ’22’ (Ireland)
  3. Anna Odobescu- ‘Stay’ (Moldova)
  4. Luca Hänni- ‘She Got Me’ (Switzerland)
  5. Carousel- ‘That Night’ (Latvia)
  6. Ester Peony- ‘On a Sunday’ (Romania)
  7. Leonora- ‘Love Is Forever’ (Denmark)
  8. John Lundvik- ‘Too Late for Love’ (Sweden)
  9. PÆNDA- ‘Limits’ (Austria)
  10. Roko- ‘The Dream’ (Croatia)
  11. Michela- ‘Chameleon’ (Malta)
  12. Jurijus- ‘Run with the Lions’ (Lithuania)
  13. Sergey Lazarev- ‘Scream’ (Russia)
  14. Jonida Maliqi- ‘Ktheju tokës’ (Albania)
  15. KEiiNO- ‘Spirit in the Sky’ (Norway)
  16. Duncan Laurence- ‘Arcade’ (The Netherlands)
  17. Tamara Todevska- ‘Proud’ (Macedonia)
  18. Chingiz- ‘Truth’ (Azerbaijan)

These ten qualifiers join the ten from Semi Final 1, the Big Five countries (UK, Spain, France, Italy and Germany) and hosts Israel in the Grand Final on Saturday.

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