Eurovision 2019 Semi Final 1: Results!


Tonight the Eurovision 2019 kicked off with its first live televised show. The first semi final saw 17 nations battle it out for one of the ten places in Saturday’s final. Read on to find out which countries have made it through!

Eurovision 2019 Semi Final 1: Results

  1. Tamta- ‘Replay’ (Cyprus)
  2. D mol- ‘Heaven’ (Montenegro)
  3. Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman- ‘Look Away’ (Finland)
  4. Tulia- ‘Fire of Love (Pali się)’ (Poland)
  5. Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl- ‘Sebi’ (Slovenia)
  6. Lake Malawi- ‘Friend of a Friend’ (Czech Republic)
  7. Joci Pápai- ‘Az én apám’ (Hungary)
  8. ZENA- ‘Like It’ (Belarus)
  9. Nevena Božović- ‘Kruna’ (Serbia)
  10. Eliot- ‘Wake Up’ (Belgium)
  11. Oto Nemsadze- ‘Keep on Going’ (Georgia)
  12. Kate Miller-Heidke- ‘Zero Gravity’ (Australia)
  13. Hatari- ‘Hatrið mun sigra’ (Iceland)
  14. Victor Crone- ‘Storm’ (Estonia)
  15. Conan Osiris- ‘Telemóveis’ (Portugal)
  16. Katerine Duska- ‘Better Love’ (Greece)
  17. Serhat- ‘Say Na Na Na’ (San Marino)

These ten acts will join the ten acts that will qualify from Thursday’s second semi final, the Big Five countries (UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy) and host nation Israel in Saturday’s Grand Final.

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