Eurovision Rehearsals Continue with Big Five and Host!


While all the semi finalists have had two rehearsal sessions over the last week, it was the turn of the Big Five countries and host nation Israel to get their first run through earlier today.

Today we saw what Mahmood (Italy), Michael Rice (United Kingdom), Bilal Hassani (France), Miki (Spain), S!sters (Germany) ,and Kobi Marimi (Israel) have to offer us in way of a live performance.

Mahmood- Soldi (Italy)

Mahmood has been suffering from a sore throat this week but he made it to his first rehearsal and his staging is quite simple. He’ll be accompanied by three backing dancers who will assist him with his clapping and the backing images are a series of lyrics and photos of his childhood reinforcing the message of the song- his relationship with his father.

Michael Rice- Bigger Than Us (United Kingdom)

The UK’s staging has gone slightly Star Trek. Red lights seem to beam up Michael’s backing singers in his first run through.

Bilal Hassani- Roi (France)

Bilal is dressed all in white and wearing an exceptionally long blonde wig, expect lots of hairography.

Miki- La Venda (Spain)

Miki has already been widely criticised for over egging his staging, but I think it is high energy and the house silhouette back drop is giving me major Mel C and Bryan Adams vibes.

S!sters- Sister (Germany)

S!sters have decided to perform on a very narrow patch of stage while there are pictures of various female relationships playing out on the screen in the background.

Kobi Marimi- Home (Israel)

Not much to say about Israel’s staging really. Backing singers singing beside some asymmetrical shapes and an X-Factor winner style firework curtain sparking overhead.

Rehearsals will continue right up until Tuesday when the first semi final will be televised live!

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