Eurovision 2019 Semi Final 2: My Predictions!

This day next week will see the second live show for Eurovision 2019. The Second Semi Final is set to air on 16 May 2019 at 8pm GMT. Having seen the first rehearsals, I am ready to make my predictions as to which 10 of the 18 contenders will earn a place in the final.

Unlike the first semi final, there are a few more obvious qualifiers in this semi. There are some very strong favourites in this semi who no doubt will make it to the final. There’s The Netherlands, Russia Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Azerbaijan and Malta.

Following the first rehearsals earlier this week Austria and Romania have also marked themselves as real contenders, who I can also see in the final.

Similarly there are a few countries that I can’t see making it to the final in a million years. There’s Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania and Croatia who i think will miss out on the final this year.

This leaves five countries to battle it out for the last remaining slot. I feel Armenia haven’t brought enough to their staging to get them through, Albania and Macedonia both have good ballads, but this is in a field full of great if not Contest winning battles, so think they too will miss out. So for me it Denmark v Ireland for the last spot. Consider me biased but I’m gonna go with Ireland. Wishful thinking?

Eurovision 2019 Semi Final 2: My Predictions

  1. Srbuk- ‘Walking Out’ (Armenia)
  2. Sarah McTernan- ’22’ (Ireland)
  3. Anna Odobescu- ‘Stay’ (Moldova)
  4. Luca Hänni- ‘She Got Me’ (Switzerland)
  5. Carousel- ‘That Night’ (Latvia)
  6. Ester Peony- ‘On a Sunday’ (Romania)
  7. Leonora- ‘Love Is Forever’ (Denmark)
  8. John Lundvik- ‘Too Late for Love’ (Sweden)
  9. PÆNDA- ‘Limits’ (Austria)
  10. Roko- ‘The Dream’ (Croatia)
  11. Michela- ‘Chameleon’ (Malta)
  12. Jurijus- ‘Run with the Lions’ (Lithuania)
  13. Sergey Lazarev- ‘Scream’ (Russia)
  14. Jonida Maliqi- ‘Ktheju tokës’ (Albania)
  15. KEiiNO- ‘Spirit in the Sky’ (Norway)
  16. Duncan Laurence- ‘Arcade’ (The Netherlands)
  17. Tamara Todevska- ‘Proud’ (Macedonia)
  18. Chingiz- ‘Truth’ (Azerbaijan)

Which songs do you think will qualify? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.



  1. Ireland through? Wow, I’m not sure many would say that… and Austria as well. Armenia should get in, and I think Denmark might as well. Everything can still change though.


    • Austria apparently really impressive in rehearsals and Ireland is wishful thinking lol. Please God no not Denmark. DETEST IT.


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