Review: Zena- ‘Like It’ (Belarus)

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Artist: Zena

Song: Like It

Country: Belarus

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Ranking: 15th

Betting Odds: 251/1

ZENA won Eurofest in 2019, earning her the right to represent Belarus at Eurovision 2019. She will take ‘Like It’ to Tel Aviv and this is what we thought of her efforts.

Eurovision fans have criticised Belarus this year for not bringing much to their national final. I however have found that ZENA’s ‘Like It’ has been a massive grower for me. Karma. In a year where there are relatively few female bangers, this really sparkles. Karma.

The song is pop paradise from start to finish. The chorus is especially strong. In particular the repetitive through line of ‘Yes you’re gonna like it, yes you’re gonna like it…’ making it instantly memorable. It’s got so much ear worm potential. The song is a dancey romp and I really hope ZENA’s staging can help emphasise this. I want a real energetic performance with multiple backing dancers, wind machine and explosions.

I feel that ‘Like It’ is the female version of the Oscar Enestad’s Melfest song ‘I Love It’. The two songs have so much in common both musically and lyrically and I  would love for someone to make a mash up of these two songs. It is something that needs to happen!

Speaking of lyrics, the song may at times resort to filler noises like ‘dum da da da dum’, but there are some hidden gems in there too. Take for instance the opening line of ‘I guess I’ve gotta turn my phone to outside my comfort zone’. It engages a younger audience who are addicted to their phones but also promotes the idea that if you’re to be lucky in love you’ve gotta take more risks.

I’m not entirely sure of what I think of Belarus’ chances. It has a decent slot midway through the running order in Semi Final 1. It’s sandwiched between Hungary and Serbia which aren’t exactly upbeat nor particular favourite, so it may be given the opportunity to shine. It doesn’t seem to have much love among the fan community and it probably won’t do particularly well with juries. All I know is that yes, I’m gonna like it.

Find out more about the singer with our 10 Things About…ZENA! The lyrics to ‘Like It’ can be found here and you can listen to the song below!

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