Review: Katerine Duska- ‘Better Love’ (Greece)

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Artist: Katerine Duska

Song: Better Love

Country: Greece

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Ranking: 16th

Betting Odds: 26/1

Katerine Duska was chosen by an internal selection process to represent Greece in 2019. She will sing the song ‘Better Love’ in Tel Aviv.

‘Better Love’ is written by David Sneddon. Yes that David Sneddon, the guy who triumphed over Lemar and Sinead Quinn to win the first series of BBC TV talent show Fame Academy. David Sneddon, the guy who had top 10 hits with ‘Stop Living the Lie’, ‘Best of Order’ and ‘Don’t Let Go’. David Sneddon, the guy that ‘Bo’ Selecta”s Avid Merrion joked how he would like to take a shit on.

Since his own music career fell off the radar, Snedders has been working as part of songwriting team The Nexus who have written songs for the likes of Hurts, A-Ha and Lana Del Rey. He now turns his attention to Eurovision and has teamed up with Greek-Canadian Katerine Duska to create the electrically charged power ballad ‘Better Love’.

Katerine delivers spine-tingling vocals that have a deep, raspy edge to them as she belts out lyrics about unapologetic and unconditional love. The song is a celebration of what it is like to fall in love. Katerine sings from the rooftops about how she refuses to hide how she feels. This is refreshing to see in a world where hatred and ill-feeling seems to fill the screens of social media channels at an alarming rate.

The music video is a colourful (mainly pink), expressive visual treat with a harem of almost angelic women using skipping ropes, fencing with swords, eating grapes, levitating white orbs and carrying out circus tricks in unison.

Greece are sure to make it to the final with this song, and who knows with a voice as good as Katerine’s is live, we could even see Greece back in the Top 10!

Find out more about the singer with our 10 Things About…Katerine Duska! The lyrics to ‘Better Love’ can be found here and you can listen to the song below!

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