Eurovision Rehearsals Continue with Day Four!


Over the weekend all seventeen songs from Semi Final 1 took to the stage for the first time. Yesterday the rehearsals moved to the acts in Semi Final 2 and today the remaining acts from Semi Two gave us a sneak peek at their staging for Eurovision 2019.

Today it was the turn of Roko Blazevic (Croatia), Michela Pace (Malta), Jurijus (Lithuania), Sergey Lazarev (Russia), Jonida Maliqi (Albania), KEiiNO (Norway), Duncan Laurence (The Netherlands), Tamara Todevska (Macedonia) and Chingiz (Azerbaijan).

Roko- The Dream (Croatia)

Croatia have polished the staging from their national final. Roko still has his wings but they look better quality and the backdrop of the clouds adds to the theme of the performance.

Michela Pace- Chameleon (Malta)

Malta’s staging looks a bit amateurish at the minute. It’s nice to see Michela accompanied by dancers as the track is really calling out for this, but the garish green background is a bit off putting. There seems also to be images of cacti and chameleons on the backdrop, perhaps the colours are linked to the chameleon’s ability ti camouflage itself?

Jurijus- Running With the Lions (Lithuania)

Jurijus appears on stage alone with a pointillist red and yellow backdrop. I’m not sure if it enhances his performance or not.

Sergey Lazarev- Scream (Russia)

What is better than one Sergey? Lots and lots and lots and lots of Sergeys. Russia have Sergey locked in what seems to be a perspex box while his image is reflected on a number of LED screens on the stage. There also seems to be some kind of water effect.

Jonida Maliqi- Ktheju Tokes (Albania)

Jonida will perform in a black and gold gown surrounded by lots of red lights.

KEiiNO- Spirit in the Sky (Norway)

Misty, smoke filled stage check. Wind machine check. Flames in abundance check check check. Norway’s staging shaping up nicely.

Duncan Laurence- Arcade (The Netherlands)

Duncan plus piano and some blue lights/strobe lighting, result a really intimate atmospheric set.

Tamara Todevska- Proud (Macedonia)

Tamara will be dressed in a beautiful turquoise gown and is surrounded by mirrors so you will get it from every angle. She will employ some hand choreography to make the emotions in her song more emphatic.

Chingiz- Truth (Azerbaijan)

From the snippet below, it’s hard to get a sense of what Azerbaijan’s staging is all about. Chingiz is front and centre, behing him a large triangle that looks like TV show ‘Gladiators’ logo and what seems to be two robot arms, although these remain stationary during the clip.

All semi finalists have now all had their first run through. The second round of rehearsals will begin tomorrow and Friday will see the Big Five and hosts Israel get their first rehearsal.

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