Review: John Lundvik- ‘Too Late for Love’ (Sweden)

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Artist: John Lundvik

Song: Too Late For Love

Country: Sweden

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Ranking: 18th

Betting Odds: 9/1

Sweden will compete at Eurovision 2019 with the song ‘Too Late For Love’ which will be performed by John Lundvik. Find out what we made of the song.

Sweden always bring it when it comes to their national final Melodifestivalen. 2019 was no different. 28 diverse songs competed over six weeks of shows and the end result was that they chose John Lundvik to represent them in Israel.

First and foremost, ‘Too Late For Love’ was not the best song in this year’s Melfest contest. There were so many better songs. There was the undeniable chemistry between the duo Liamoo and Hanna Ferm who magically belted out the lyrics to ballad ‘Hold You’, there was the uptempo triumph ‘Tempo’ by Polish singer Margaret, beautiful ballad from Wiktoria ‘Not With Me’, newcomer Malou Prytz impressed with the pop banger ‘I Do Me’ and old hand and former Eurovision representative for Sweden Anna Bergendahl impressed with ‘Ashes to Ashes’. All of these songs and a few others, in my opinion were much better choices that John Lundvik. I feel that Sweden have played it a little too safe in 2019.

There are many things that annoyed me about John Lundvik during Melfest 2019. Majority of the time that he was on screen, he came across as very smug. Almost like he felt entitled or was assured that he deserved a place in the final. There was also a weird exchange between him and fellow qualifier from his heat Bishara who prayed together. Uck religion.

Then there is the song itself. As I’ve just about got over the Melfest result two months on, I’ve grown to appreciate the song more than I did at first. The Gospel vocals from John are impressive and the song has some elements that I enjoy, namely the repeated rhetorical questions, the way that it builds from start to finish, the cheesy key changes.

But there are still things that annoy me about the song. John’s smugness still permeates his performance. The lyrics are a bit cringey, like a dad trying to use youthful slang. One instance of this is the lyric ‘Maybe I would lit your world with just one spark’. Either he has got the tense wrong or he’s trying to be down with the kids. And then there’s fact that it is an unashamed rip off of Austria’s 2018 attempt. John’s vocal style, song and staging is almost a carbon copy of Cesar Sampson’s ‘Nobody But You’.

Sweden will undoubtedly sail through to the Eurovision final and will probably secure them a sixth consecutive top ten finish. Is it deserved? Is it?

Find out more about the singer with our 10 Things About…John Lundvik! The lyrics to ‘Too Late For Love’ can be found here and you can listen to the song below!

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