Eurovision Rehearsals Continue with Day Three!


Over the weekend all seventeen songs from Semi Final 1 took to the stage for the first time. Today the rehearsals moved to the acts in Semi Final 2’s first half and we got a sneak peek of the staging for the next set of contenders.

Today it was the turn of Srbuk (Armenia), Sarah McTernan (Ireland), Anna Odobescu (Moldova), Luca Hanni (Switzerland), Carousel (Latvia), Ester Peony (Romania), Leonora (Denmark), John Lundvik (Sweden) and Paenda (Austria).

Srbuk- Walking Out (Armenia)

Srbuk’s staging for ‘Walking Out’ surprises me. I thought she’d have pulled out all the stops and had multiple dancers on stage with her, but as it stands it looks like she will be on stage alone for the performance.

Sarah McTernan- 22 (Ireland)

Sarah will keep her staging similar to that of her debut performance of ’22’ on Dancing With The Stars Ireland back in February. She has added in an Andy Warhol inspired pop art comic strip on the LEDs to lift the staging.

Anna Odobescu- Stay (Moldova)

Anna’s staging sees images on the LED screen of an artist creating images out of salt. On stage meanwhile she is giving us elegance by the bucket load in a beautiful white gown.

Luca Hanni- She Got Me (Switzerland)

Luca brings his dirty dancers to join him on stage for his Eurovision 2019 performance. Expect high energy, jumping and a dance routine that you’re gonna wanna learn off.

Carousel- That Night (Latvia)

Laid back staging for Latvia. A crescent moon on the backdrop and all band members on stage with their instruments.

Ester Peony- On A Sunday (Romania)

Ester’s staging borrows similar graphics from her music video for ‘On a Sunday’. She ups the theatrics with lots of pyrotechnics. Yeah she bring the fire. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah.

Leonora- Love is Forever (Denmark)

Denmark’s staging has stayed the same as their national final. It will see Leonora a top a large chair with cartoon sky type graphics on the LED screen in the background. For Eurovision however she will be joined on the chair by four extra performers instead of just the two that she had at DMGP.

Paenda- Limits (Austria)

Paenda’s staging is simplistic, allowing her to give a very emotional performance that even brought a tear to her eye at the first rehearsal. The video will be shot in black and white with a powerful transition to colour mid way.

John Lundvik- Too Late For Love (Sweden)

John Lundvik will also not deviate much from his national final performance. He will be joined on stage by his Gospel backing singers and will sing below a hovering lighting rig that will light up your dark with just one spark.

Rehearsals continue tomorrow with the the remaining contestants from Semi Final 2: Croatia, Malta, Lithuania, Russia, Albania, Norway, The Netherlands, Macedonia, Azerbaijan.

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