Eurovision Rehearsals Continue with Belgium, Georgia, Australia, Iceland, Estonia, Portugal, Greece and San Marino!


Today the first round of rehearsals for Eurovision 2019 continued with the eight remaining acts from Semi Final 1 taking to the stage for the first time, giving us an idea of how they sound live and how they will stage their song when Eurovision kicks off proper with the first semi final on 14 May.

Today it was the turn of Eliot (Belgium), Oto Nemsadze (Georgia), Kate Miller Heidke (Australia), Hatari (Iceland), Victor Crone (Estonia), Conan Osiris (Portugal), Katerine Duska (Greece) and Serhat (San Marino). Get a sneak peek at their rehearsals below!

Eliot- Wake Up (Belgium)

The Belgian staging sees Eliot stand centre stage, either side of him is two figures holding drum sticks and either side of them a drum poised on a stand. The figures on stage have also opted for an interesting choice of jackers with orange colourings on it.

Oto Nemsadze- Keep On Going (Georgia)

Georgia’s staging has a beautiful snowy mountain back drop and it seems that Oto is in a sing off with his five backing vocalists.

Kate Miller Heidke- Zero Gravity (Australia)

Australia have slightly revamped their staging from Australia Decides. Kate is now suspended in mid-air rather than on a stationary ladder, and instead of one demon on a swinging pendulum behind her, there are two. This looks really impressive and probably one of the best stagings that we’ve seen from rehearsals so far.

Hatari- Hatrid Mun Sigra (Iceland)

Hatari are dressed as we’d expect from them in their BDSM leather bondage gear. In the background is what appears to be a ball from the ‘Gladiators’ event Atmosphere.

Victor Crone- Storm (Estonia)

Victor is all alone on the stage for his song. He turns on the spot quite a bit and interacts with a number of different cameras, which makes me think there may be some kind of graphic on the screen that only viewers at home will be able to see.

Conan Osiris- Telemoveis (Portugal)

Conan’s staging for ‘Telemoveis’ is similar to when he performed at national final Festival Da Cancao. They have got rid of the staircase but Conan is still accompanied by a single dancer who performs while Conan sings in an emerald green kimono.

Katerine Duska- Better Love (Greece)

Katerine Duska will perform in front of what looks like a giant lotus flower. Continuing the theme of the video, Kat will be joined on stage by female backing dancers dressed in flouncy winged dresses and there are also some fencing swords thrown into the mix as well.

Serhat- Say Na Na Na (San Marino)

Serhat will perform on top of a neon podium alongside three female backing singers and two male performers who sing into a luminous megaphone.

Rehearsals continue tomorrow with the the first set of contestants from Semi Final 2: Armenia, Ireland, Moldova, Switzerland, Latvia, Romania, Denmark, Sweden and Austria.

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