Review: Srbuk- ‘Walking Out’ (Armenia)

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Artist: Srbuk

Song: Walking Out

Country: Armenia

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Ranking: 23rd

Betting Odds: 101/1

Srbuk was the first contestant announced for Eurovision 2019. She will represent Armenia with the song ‘Walking Out’. Here is what we made of the track.

When Srbuk was the first act to be announced for Eurovision 2019, I took a look through her back catalogue of hits to get an idea of her as an artist. A quick search on YouTube brought up her song ‘Half a Goddess’, an absolute triumph of a pop song. I got very excited to see what she would choose for Eurovision.

As it transpired Srbuk chose ‘Walking Out’ and while it is a decent track, it doesn’t live up to my expectations. The chorus of the song is a highlight, but it’s missing something.

Srbuk has a really unique visual style. This comes out especially in her video for ‘Walking Out’. It is a visually interesting video with a post apocalyptic dystopian vibe. Srbuk is put upon by a harem of male dancers who push her about, there are piles of women in black in white but red lipstick, people with barcodes, others wrapped in polythene bags.

The culmination of the video and song sees an impressive key change in which Srbuk raises her vocal to defeat the men and escape.

If Srbuk can translate some of this visual prowess into her staging, she should sail into the Final and perhaps get another top ten finish for Armenia.

Find out more about the singer with our 10 Things About…Srbuk! The lyrics to ‘Walking Out’ can be found here and you can listen to the song below!

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