Review: Conan Osiris- ‘Telemoveis’ (Portugal)

Artist: Conan Osiris

Song: Telemoveis

Country: Portugal

Rating: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆

Ranking: 36th

Betting Odds: 51/1

Conan Osiris will represent Portugal at Eurovision 2019 with the song ‘Telemoveis’. Find out what we made of the song.

When Conan Osiris won the Portuguese selection show a few months back, he became an instant fan favourite. Many viewers complimented his odd style, his unique voice and his bravery at trying something a little bit different. People even went so far as comparing him to Salvador Sobral and positing that he could give Portugal their second ever win.

I can’t say that I agree. I do commend Portugal for taking a risk and choosing a man who has an interesting vocal, putting a contemporary spin on the traditional music stylings of Portuguese fado music. The song opens with the plinking of strings, adds what sounds like a xylophone but the experimental piece of music, for me borders on the self indulgent.

Add to the mix Conan’s quirky dress style, heavily influenced by his background in working in the fashion industry and you have a package that I really want to get behind and support. His large earrings, his golden face mask, his white feather get up and his strange finger attachments provide a wonderful aesthetic, that I really appreciate.

For me though it always has to come back to the song, which I feel just drones on a little bit too much, lacks a proper melody and it doesn’t really take you on a real journey. Maybe it’s the case that I just don’t like the Portuguese language set to music, because I also failed to get the hype that surrounded ‘Amar pelos dois’ in 2017.

If you want to find out more about Conan then check out our 10 Things About Conan Osiris! Check out the lyrics to ‘Telemoveis’ here and check out the national final performance below!


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