Review: Kobi Marimi- ‘Home’ (Israel)

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Artist: Kobi Marimi

Song: Home

Country: Israel

Rating: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Ranking: 40th

Betting Odds: 201/1

Riding high off the back of Netta’s win last year, Israel will be hoping that they can continue their Eurovision success. They’ve put these hopes in Kobi Marimi who won their selection show Rising Star in 2019 and who will sing the song ‘Home’ in Tel Aviv.

In stark contrast to their winning entry last year, Kobi is everything that Netta is not. Netta is a woman with a strong personality, bubbling with bags of quirky energy. She has an interesting song that is instantly infectious, has a powerful message, that thinks outside the box with the vocoder and (chicken sounds and all) is compelling to both listen to and watch on stage. Kobi has none of that. He is a man, lacking any charisma, he isn’t compelling to listen to and he sings an understated ballad which will easily get lost in a field of very strong male ballads this year.

‘Home’ opens with almost Benedictine-like warbling with a vocal akin to that of Croatia’s Jacques Houdek from a few years back. The chorus sees Kobi’s vocal accompanied by that of a choir and it is here that the song is at its most effective.

The tone of the song is quite serious and therefore you’d be forgiven for thinking that the song has somewhat meaningful lyrics. However on closer inspection, the lyrics are actually just naff. Kobi belts out ‘I feel the sun upon my skin and I am someone, I am someone, I am someone’. Okay we get it. You’re someone. Next…

Add to the mix a dull music video and the likelihood of equally dull staging and I think it’s safe to say we won’t be returning to Israel next year.

2 thoughts on “Review: Kobi Marimi- ‘Home’ (Israel)

  1. How easy it is to criticize! But I suppose that is what you get paid for. Ever wondered how difficult it must have been for him to bare his soul like he did in front of so many people?? I hope Kobi reads this comment. He is my hero and a beautiful example of a humble human being!
    I wish him lots of success and shalom.

    South Africa

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    1. Hi Gretha, thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you enjoy the song. It’s just not for me. I think of all the songs this year it is one of the weakest.

      P.s. I don’t get paid for writing this blog.


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