Eurovision 2019 Semi Finals Get Running Order!


Today the running order for both the semi final shows at Eurovision 2019 were announced! Find out when your country will sing!

The first semi final will take place on Tuesday 14 May and will consist of 17 countries. The running order for this semi final is as follows:

First Semi-Final (14 May)

  1. Tamta- ‘Replay’ (Cyprus)
  2. D-Mol- ‘Heaven’ (Montenegro)
  3. Darude- ‘Look Away’ (Finland)
  4. Tulia- ‘Pali Sie’ (Poland)
  5. Zala and Gaspar- ‘Sebi’ (Slovenia)
  6. Lake Malawi- ‘Friend of a Friend’ (Czech Republic)
  7. Joci Papai- ‘ Az en Apam’ (Hungary)
  8. Zena- ‘Like It’ (Belarus)
  9. Nevena Bozovic- ‘Kruna’ (Serbia)
  10. Eliot- ‘Wake Up’ (Belgium)
  11. Oto Nemsadze- ‘Sul Tsin Iare’ (Georgia)
  12. Kate Miller Heidke- ‘Zero Gravity’ (Australia)
  13. Hatari- ‘Hatrid Mun Sigra’ (Iceland)
  14. Victor Crone- ‘Storm’ (Estonia)
  15. Conan Osiris- ‘Telemoveis’ (Portugal)
  16. Katerine Duska- ‘Better Love’ (Greece)
  17. Serhat- ‘Say Na Na Na’ (San Marino)


The second semi final meanwhile will take place on Thursday 16 May and will feature 18 countries. The running order for semi final 2 is as follows:

Second Semi-Final (16 May)

  1. Srbuk- ‘Walking Out’ (Armenia)
  2. Sarah McTernan- ’22’ (Ireland)
  3. Anna Odobescu- ‘Stay’ (Moldova)
  4. Luca Hanni- ‘She Got Me’ (Switzerland)
  5. Carousel- ‘That Night’ (Latvia)
  6. Ester Peony- ‘On a Sunday’ (Romania)
  7. Leonora- ‘Love is Forever’ (Denmark)
  8. John Lundvik- ‘Too Late For Love’ (Sweden)
  9. Paenda- ‘Limits’ (Austria)
  10. Roko Blazevic- ‘The Dream’ (Croatia)
  11. Michela Pace- ‘Chameleon’ (Malta)
  12. Jurijus- ‘Run with the Lions’ (Lithuania)
  13. Sergey Lazarev- ‘Scream’ (Russia)
  14. Jonida Maliqi- ‘Ktheju tokes’ (Albania)
  15. KEiiNO- ‘Spirit in the Sky’ (Norway)
  16. Duncan Laurence- ‘Arcade’ (The Netherlands)
  17. Tamara Todevska- ‘Proud’ (Macedonia)
  18. Chingiz- ‘Truth’ (Azerbaijan)


Ten songs from each of the semis will join hosts Israel and the Big Five (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France and Germany) in the Grand Final on Saturday 18 May.

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