10 Things About…Zala Kralj and Gasper Santl!

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Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl will represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2019. Find out more about the pair with our 10 Things About…Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl!

1. Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl are a Slovenian musical duo from Maribor and consists of vocalist Zala Kralj and multi-instrumentalist Gašper Šantl.

2. The band’s name is sometimes abbreviated to ZalaGasper.

3. The duo formed in 2018, after Zala had begun performing vocals on some songs written and produced by Gašper. Initially, Kralj was only credited as a featured artist.

4. They released the singles ‘Valovi’, ‘Baloni’, and ‘S teboi’ in 2018.

5. Their debut EP ‘Štiri’ features these three singles and was released in February 2019.

6. Zala and Gašper entered the Slovenian Eurovision selection competition EMA in 2019. Their song ‘Sebi’ competed against nine other songs. It was among the top two songs and battled against Raiven’s song ‘Kaos’.

7. ‘Sebi’ was triumphant in the super final, receiving 4,666 votes in the televote, 73% of the total votes.

8. The song which means ‘Oneself’ in English has been classified as being of the genres Downtempo, Ambient, Alternative, Dream Pop and Trip Hop.

9. ‘Sebi’ entered SloTop50 (the Slovenian Single’s Chart) in 2019 peaking at number 9.

10. The music video for ‘Sebi’ was directed and produced by Žiga Krajnc who has previously collaborated with Zala and Gasper on the music videos for all their previous singles. The video features a private jet.

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