10 Things About…Ester Peony!

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Ester Peony will represent Romania at Eurovision 2019. Get to know the singer with 10 Things About…Ester Peony!

1. Ester Alexandra Crețu was born in Câmpulung, Romania and having previously performed under the mononym Ester is now known professionally as Ester Peony. Her new stage name ‘peony’ translates to Romanian as ‘bujor’ which forms part of her mother’s surname.

2. Ester and her parents emigrated to Montreal, Canada in 2001.

3. It was here that Ester began to show a special interest in music and started studying jazz singing at the age of eight.

4. The family moved back to Romania four years later where Ester enrolled and later graduated from the Dinu Lipatti High School of Art in Pitești. Here she alternately studied classic singing and classic guitar. In 2013, she continued her studies at the Music Interpretation Faculty in Bucharest to study Jazz.

5. In 2015, she started posting covers on YouTube. This garnered attention and helped her secure a record deal in Romania.

6. Ester’s music career began proper when she racked up songwriting credits for a number of Romanian artists.

7. the singer also released her debut single “Cuminte de Crăciun” under her mononym Ester in the winter of 2014.

8. Her breakout song ‘Sub aripa ta’ was a collaboration with Romanian singer Vescan. The song was a huge commercial success in Romania, featuring on a number of playlist on national radio and TV stations. which was playlisted by native radio and television stations.

9. Ester released her debut EP independently in in May 2018. The album was called ‘Dig It’ and she was one of the main composers for it. She is also currently working on her debut full length album which is expected to be released with Cat Music later this year.

10. In February 2019 Ester competed in Selecția Națională with her song ‘On a Sunday’. The song won the contest which selects the nation’s Eurovision pick but it was not without controversy. Although Ester scored well with the jury made up of six people who in total awarded her 62 out of a possible 72 points, she only received 356 votes from the public (eighth place on the night). However due to the weighting of the votes favouring the jury, she won the contest. This has led to many Romanian fans questioning the legitimacy of the selection and have even called on Ester to withdraw.

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