10 Things About…Leonora!

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Leonora will represent Denmark at Eurovision 2019. Find out more about the singer with 10 Things About…Leonora!

1. Born Leonora Colmor Jepsen on 3 October 1998, the Danish singer goes by her forename mononym Leonora.

2. Born and raised in Hellerup to the north of Copenhagen where she still lives, Leonora received her high school diploma from Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium.

3. Music has always been a big part of Leonora’s life, but at the age of 15 she became more serious about music and started training her voice, playing the guitar and writing songs.

4. She has written many songs of her own and has performed in cafés, libraries and at small school concerts throughout Denmark.

5. As well as being an accomplished singer, Leonora is also an award-winning figure skater. She has won the Danish championship three times and participated in the Junior World Championship and Nordic Championship in figure skating. She now no longer competes but works as a figure-skating trainer and choreographer.

6. Leonora was announced as one of the competitors in the Danish Eurovision selection contest Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 2019 with her song ‘Love Is Forever’.

7. She made it to the superfinal, along with Julie & Nina, and Sigmund. She won the contest with 42% of the public vote.

8. Leonora’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix performance saw her sing atop a giant blue chair.

9. ‘Love Is Forever’ was written by Lise Cabble, Melanie Wehbe and Emil Lei. It features four different languages: English, Danish, German and French. It is the first multilingual entry from Denmark in Eurovision and also the first Danish entry with Danish lyrics since the abolishment of the language rule in 1999.

10. ‘Love Is Forever’ has already achieved chart success, debuting at number 16 on the Danish Singles Chart.

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