10 Things About…Conan Osiris!

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Conan Osiris is Portugal’s pick for Eurovision 2019. Get to know the singer better with 10 Things About…Conan Osiris!

1. Born as Tiago Miranda on 5 January 1989, Conan Osiris is a Portuguese singer songwriter. He has also gone by the aliases Elfo das barracas and Powny Lamb.

2. His stage name is based on the ancient Egyptian god Osiris and the Japanese series Future Boy Conan, by Hayao Miyazaki.

3. Conan was born in Lisbon and lived in Cacém for a few years while in high school. In 2010 he finished his degree in Graphic Design at the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco.

4. During his studies at the institute he met Rúben de Sá Osório. Rúben acts as Conan’s personal designer and dresser and is responsible for some of his avant garde fashion looks.

5. In 2012 Conan began working at ContraNatura. This is one of the most well known sex shop chains in Portugal. Conan’s success in music meant that he was able to leave his job at ContraNatura to focus on his musical career full time.

6. Conan is a self-taught singer-songwriter, learning his craft by trial and error while using the program FL Studio(Fruity Loops) on his computer. His genre of music has been described as ‘Fado, Worldbeat, House, Techno and Art Pop’.

7. He started his musical career in 2008 when he and singer Sreya founded the group Powny Lamb. The group released their first EP called ‘Cathedral’ a few years later. It is the group’s only release.

8. Conan is very interested in fashion and he recorded ‘Secluded’ (his first track using the name Conan Osiris) for Iuri’s Fall/Winter 2013/2014 fashion show in ModaLisboa. He continued to work as a composer for fashion shows with the release of ‘Evaporate’ (for Hibu, Spring/Summer 2014), ‘Pyres’ (for Gonçalo Pascoa, Spring/Summer 2014), ‘Tryptich’ (for Valentim Quaresma, Fall/Winter 2014/2015) and ‘Selenographia’ (for Hibu, Fall/Winter 2014/2015).

9. To date Conan has released two albums ‘Música, Normal’ and ‘Adoro Bolos’. His most recent album has propelled him into the spotlight and he has been invited to perform on Portuguese TV shows. His hit singles include the tracks ‘Adoro Bolos’, ‘Celulitite’ and ‘Borrego’.

10. Conan was one of sixteen acts chosen to compete in the Portuguese selection show Festival da Canção in 2019. His song ‘Telemóveis’ won the competition on 2 March and will represent Portugal in Tel Aviv. His song’s title means ‘Mobile Phones’ and is a ‘mixture of Arabic chords with techno and African rhythms’.

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