10 Things About…Carousel!

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Carousel will represent Latvia at Eurovision 2019. Find out ore about the duo with our 10 Things About…Carousel!

1. Carousel is a Latvian indie pop duo consisting of vocalist Sabīne Žuga and guitarist Mārcis Vasiļevskis.

2. Carousel’s sound has been described as ‘…a combination of rich and tender voice timbre and very fine guitar playing, that takes the listener on a journey full of sweet emotions’.

3. Performing and being inspired by the music of their favorite artists has led the band to create their own original music and recently they have been working their upcoming debut album.

4. The band have toured extensively both at home in Latvia and abroad. They were introduced to a wider audience at the end of 2018, when they took a part in the concert show Pasaka ziemā.

5. Marcis has written the lyrics and composed music for the band Laime Pilnīga. He is also the guitarist in the band.

6. Laime Pilniga (also known as the Happs) are a hard rock band who have enjoyed success in Latvia winning several awards and performing at a number of high profile festivals and have shared the stage with the likes of Kaiserchiefs, Missy Elliott, Sean Paul and the Prodigy.

7. Sabine co-wrote the song ‘Who’s Counting’ which was performed by Ritvars and which competed in the Latvian Eurovision selection show Supernova in 2018. It advanced to the final and finished in fourth place. It missed out to Laura Rizzotto.

8. Carousel competed in Supernova 2019 with the song ‘That Night’. They topped the vote in their semi final, making it to the grand final.

9. Marcis also entered Supernova in 2019 with his band Laime Pilniga. The group also topped their semi final but their song ‘Awe’ ultimately came in third place in the final, losing out to Carousel who won with ‘That Night’.

10. ‘That Night’ is composed by Marcin with help from Aleksandrs Volks, while the lyrics are written by Sabine.

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