John Lundvik Wins Melfest 2019!

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John Lundvik has been crowned the winner of Melodifestivalen 2019. He won the contest earlier this evening with his song ‘Too Late For Love’. He will represent Sweden at Eurovision 2019. John Lundvik topped the jury vote getting twelve points from all the international jurors. Added to this was the public televote scores which solidified his win. The full line up for next week’s final is as follows:

  1. John Lundvik- ‘Too Late for Love’ (181 points)
  2. Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO- ‘Hold You’ (107 points)
  1. Bishara- ‘On My Own’ (107 points)
  2. Mohombi- ‘Hello’ (74 points)
  3. Jon Henrik Fjällgren- ‘Norrsken (Goeksegh)’ (74 points)
  1. Nano- ‘Chasing Rivers’ (64 points)
  1. Wiktoria- ‘Not with Me’ (64 points)
  1. Arvingarna- ‘I Do’ (64 points)
  1. Lisa Ajax- ‘Torn’ (62 points)
  1. Anna Bergendahl- ‘Ashes to Ashes’ (56 points)
  2. Lina Hedlund- ‘Victorious’ (40 points)
  1. Malou Prytz- ‘I Do Me’ (35 points)

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