It’s Zena for Belarus!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

Belarus hosted their national final this evening. Ten songs competed but the country chose ‘Like It’ by x to represent them in Tel Aviv.

Among the artists selected to compete in this evening’s final were the familiar faces of NAPOLI and PROvokatsiya who have taken part in the national final for Belarus before. However when it came down to it, Zena was crowned the winner. The full results are below:

Nationalny Otbor 2019 Final Results!

1. ZENA- ‘Like It’ (69 points)

2. BLGN & Mirex- ‘Champion’ (65 points)

3. Sebastian Roos- ‘Never Getting Close’ (62 points)

4. Michael Soul- ‘Humanize’ (59 points)

5. Alyona Gorbachova- ‘Can We Dream’ (59 points)

6. KeySi- ‘No Love Lost’ (59 points)

7. NAPOLI- ‘Let It Go’ (58 points)

8. PROvokatsiya- ‘Running Away from the Sun’ (55 points)

9. Aura- ‘ńĆaravala’ (55 points)

10. Eva Kogan- ‘Run’ (54 points)

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