Nevena Bozovic wins Beovizija 2019!

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Serbia concluded their search for a Eurovision representative for 2019 tonight when they crowned Nevena Bozovic the winner of their selection show Beovizija.Twelve acts qualified for tonight’s final from the two semi finals held during the week. Nataša & Una’s song ‘Samo bez straha’ impressed the voting public, receiving more than twice as many votes than any other act in the running, however due to a poor placing with the jury they fell to fourth place over all. The winner, receiving 12 points from the jury and 8 points from the televote was Moje3 singer Nevena Bozovic who will represent Serbia at Eurovision 2019 with her song ‘Kruna’.

The full results are below:

Beovizija 2019 Final Results!

Nevena Božović- ‘Kruna’ 20 (points)
Dženan Lončarević- ‘Nema suza’ (17 points
Sashka Janx- ‘Da li čuješ moj glas’ (16 points)
Nataša & Una- ‘Samo bez straha’ (14 points)
Wonder Strings & Ivana Vladović- ‘Moja bol’ (13 points)
Ivan Kurtić- ‘Bella’ (11 points)
Majdan- ‘Budim te’ (8 points)
Lord- ‘Radnički sin’ (8 points)
Sofija Perić- ‘Aritmija’ (5 points)
Jana Šušteršić- ‘Viktorija’ (3 points)
Aleksandra Sekulić- ‘Tugo’ (1 point)
Ana Popović- ‘Lutaš’ (0 points)

Check out her winning song here:

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