It’s Keiino for Norway!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

Tonight Norway chose their song and artist for Eurovision 2019. An action packed Melodi Grand Prix saw ten artists including the Norway 2015 Eurovision singer Morland as well as the likes of Hank Von Hell, Chris Medina and D’Sound. 

After the first round of voting four of the ten acts made it through to the superfinal:

Round 1 Results

D’Sound- ‘Mr. Unicorn’

Chris Medina- ‘We Try’

Carina Dahl- ‘Hold Me Down’

Anna-Lisa Kumoji- ‘Holla’

Erlend Bratland- ‘Sing For You’

Adrian Jorgensen- ‘The Bubble’

Keiino- ‘Spirit In the Sky’

Morland- ‘En Livredd Mann’

Ingrid Berg Mehus- ‘Feel’

Hank Von Hell- ‘Fake It’

The superfinal saw the four successful acts advance with Keiino and Adrian singing in the gold duel. Keiino won with ‘Spirit in the Sky’.

Super Final Results

1. Keiino- ‘Spirit In the Sky’

2. Adrian Jorgensen- ‘The Bubble’

3. Anna-Lisa Kumoji- ‘Holla’

4. D’Sound- ‘Mr. Unicorn’

Check out the winning song here:

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