10 Things About…Tamara Todovska!

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Tamara Todevska has been chosen to represent Macedonia at the 2019 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Find out more about the singer…

1. Tamara Todevska is a Macedonian pop singer born in Skopje in 1981.

2. She was raised in a musical family. Her father is a Macedonian professor in a music school and her mother, Branka Todevska, is a Bosnian Serb opera singer. Tamara’s mother influenced her deep, operatic vocal style.

3. Tamara’s older sister is Tijana Dapčević, who you may remember was Macedonia’s Eurovision pick in 2014 with song ‘To The Sky’. Tamara provided backing vocals for her sister on the performance.

4. This isn’t her only appearance at Eurovision. Singing in six languages (Macedonian, English, Serbian, Turkish, Russian and Albanian) she performed ‘Vo ime na ljubovta’ (‘Let Me Love You’) at Eurovision 2008 alongside Vrack and Adrian. Possibly one of the most unfortunate results in Eurovision history, the song finished joint 10th, but the tie was broken by the jury vote who instead opted to send Sweden through to the Final.

5. Her first official song was a duet with her sister Tijana called ‘Igra luda’ (‘Crazy Game’), and was released in 1997.

6. Her music career broke through in 2003 when she sang “1003” at the Montenegrin festival Suncane Skale, where she placed second.

7. In 2005, her first album was released under the title ‘Sino’ (‘Blue’). The album won Album of the Year in 2005 and included the hit songs ‘Sino’, ‘Molci, molci’, ‘A,shto ako?’, ‘Ljubovna prikazna’ and ‘Ljubi, ljubi’.

8. On 27 June 2015, Tamara married former basketball player Aleksandar Dimitrovski.

9. Together they have two children, a daughter named Hana and a son called Daren.

10. In January 2019, Tamara was chosen to represent Macedonia at Eurovision 2019. It will be her first time representing the country as a solo artist.

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