Serbia’s Beovizija 2019 Semi Final 1 Results!

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Serbia kicked off their Eurovision 2019 selection this evening with the first of their semi finals. 12 songs competed in tonight’s semi with half of them securing a place in Saturday’s final.

The six successful acts were Aleksandra Sekulić, Saška Janks, Ivan Kurtić, Sofija Perić Wonder Strings & Ivana Vladović and Nataša & Una. They will be joined by six more qualifiers from the second final, due to take place later this week. The full results from this semi final are below:

Beovizija 2019 Semi Final 1 Results!

  1. Funked Up- ‘Zašto da se ne desi’
  2. Aleksandra Sekulić- ‘Tugo’
  3. Osvajači- ‘Voda i plamen’
  4. Dunja Vujadinović- ‘7’
  5. Mr. Doo- ‘Do 100’
  6. Saška Janks- ‘Da li čuješ moj glas’
  7. Ivan Kurtić- ‘Bela’
  8. Sofija Perić- ‘Aritmija’
  9. Extra Nena- ‘Još ti čujem glas’
  10. Eleonora- ‘Samo lagano’
  11. Wonder Strings & Ivana Vladović- ‘Moja bol’
  12. Nataša & Una- ‘Samo bez straha’

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