10 Things About…Lake Malawi!

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Lake Malawi is the Czech Republic’s pick for Eurovision 2019. Find out more about the band with our feature 10 Things About…Lake Malawi!

  1. Lake Malawi is an indie pop band from Třinec, Czech Republic formed in 2013.
  2. The band consists of lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist Albert Černý, bassist and keyboardist Jeroným Šubrt, and drummer Antonín Hrabal.  Hrabal replaced Pavel Palát who left the band in 2016.
  3. Lake Malawi was formed by Albert Černý following the breakup of his former band Charlie Straight.
  4. The band’s name comes from the largest lake in the African nation of Malawi but it is also said to be inspired by the Bon Iver song ‘Calgary’ which has the lyrics ‘So it’s storming on the lake’. 
  5. Their debut EP ‘We Are Making Love Again’ was released in 2015, followed by their debut studio album ‘Surrounded by Light’ in 2017. 
  6. Their singles include the debut track ‘Always June’ in 2014, followed by ‘Chinese Trees’, ‘We Are Making Love Again’ and ‘Paris’ all of which had Top 100 chart success in their native Czech Republic.
  7. The band have performed at major Czech music festivals Colours of Ostrava and Rock for People, and also the Great Escape Festival in the United Kingdom.
  8. The band have opened for a number of international artists on the Prague leg of their tours including the Kooks, Mika, and Thirty Seconds to Mars. 
  9. In 2019 the band won the ESCZ competition with song ‘Friend of a Friend’ and will represent Czech Republic at Eurovison this year. It was lead singer Albert Cerny’s girlfriend who suggested they submit the song for the Czech Eurovision selection show.
  10. The song is ‘…about a friendship, about the theory that it’s enough to have three or four friends to reach anybody in the whole world. So if a friend knows someone and that person knows someone, you can possibly reach anyone you dream of [how six degrees of Kevin Bacon!]. So in that sense ‘Friend of a Friend’ is about that. But on the other hand is also about those people we come across in our lives that we are no longer in touch with. And these friends of friends are really important, even though we tend to forget about them.’

Check out the song below and the lyrics here.

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