Portugal’s Festival Da Cancao Semi 2 Results!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

The second set of eight artists tonight competed in the Portugal’s semi final 2 of Festival da Cancao, their selection show for Eurovision 2019.

Only four of the eight songs could advance to the Final which will be held on 3 March and which will be hosted by Eurovision 2018 co-host Filomena Cautela and RTP host Vasco Palmeirim. The qualifiers were determined by a 50/50 combination of votes from jury members (made up of music professionals) and a public televote. The qualifiers were NBC, Surma, Madrepaz and Mariana Bragada. They will join Matay, Conan Osiris, Calema and Ana Claudia in next weekend’s final.

SEMI FINAL 2 Results (23 Feb)

  1. NBC- ‘Igual a ti'(22 points)
  2. Surma- ‘Pugna’ (18 points)
  3. Madrepaz- ‘Mundo a mudar’ (16 points)
  4. Mariana Bragada- ‘Mar doce’ (15 points)
  5. Dan Riverman- ‘Lava'(15 points)
  6. João Couto- ‘O jantar’ (10 points)
  7. Mila Dores- ‘Debaixo do luar’ (8 points)
  8. Lara Laquiz- ‘O lugar’ (6 points)

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