Leonora for Denmark at Eurovision 2019!

Eurovision Guide 2019, Ranking

The Danish Eurovision selection show Dansk Melodi Grand Prix took place earlier this evening. It saw ten contenders sing their song in the hopes of winning over the jury and voting public. In the end Leonora was announced as the winner. They will sing the song ‘Love is Forever’ in Tel Aviv in May.

The ten acts performed in the first round of the competition. Three songs advanced to the Super Final based on a combination of jury (50%) and televote (50%). The three acts advancing to the super final were Leonora, Julie and Nina and Sigmund.

First Round Results

Humørekspressen- ‘Dronning Af Baren’

Rasmus Faartoft- ‘Hold My Breath’

Marie Isabell- ‘Dancing With You In My Heart’

Teit Samsø- ‘Step It Up’

Sigmund- ‘Say My Name’

Jasmin Gabay- ‘Kiss Like This’

Leonora- ‘Love Is Forever’

Simone Emelie- ‘Anywhere’

Julie & Nina- ‘League Of Light’

LeeLoo- ‘That Vibe’

The top three acts returned to the stage to perform again. The winner was again decided by a 50/50 Jury/Televote. The winner was Leonora with ‘Love is Forever’.

Super Final Results

1. Leonora- ‘Love Is Forever’ (42%)

2. Julie & Nina- ‘League Of Light’ (35%)

3. Sigmund- ‘Say My Name’ (23%)

Check out the winning song below:

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