It’s Joci Papai for Hungary!

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Hungary concluded their Eurovision selection show A Dal tonight, crowning Joci Papai their winner. They will represent the nation in Tel Aviv in May with the song ‘Az én apám’.

Tonight there were eight acts in the running for the Hungarian Eurovision competition. Among the contenders were two former winners of A Dal- their 2017 representative Joci Papai and their 2014 singer Andras Kallay Saunders who competed with his new band The Middletonz. In the end Joci was victorious with his song ‘Az én apám’ which won with a total of 26 points. The full results are below:

A Dal 2019 Final Results

  1. Joci Pápai- ‘Az én apám’ (26 points)
  1. Acoustic Planet- ‘Nyari Zapor’ (22 points)
  1. Bence Vavra- ‘Szotlansag’ (20 points)
  1. Bogi Nagy- ‘Holnap’ (16 points)
  2. Gergő Szekér- ‘Madár, repülj!’ (12 points)
  1. Fatal Error- ‘Kulcs’ (8 points)
  2. The Middletonz- ‘Roses’ (8 points)
  1. Gergo Olah- ‘Hozzad bujnek’ (0 points)

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