It’s S!sters for Germany

Eurovision Guide, Eurovision Guide 2019

This evening saw the German Eurovision 2019 selection show ‘Unser Lied fur Israel’ get under way. Seven acts battled it out to be the German pick for Tel Aviv but only one could be chosen.This honour went to S!sters who were triumphant at the selection show with their song ‘Sister’. They beat of stiff competition from Aly Ryan, BB Thomaz, Gregor Hägele, Lilly Among Clouds, Linus Bruhn and Makeda. The full results are below!

Guest performances came from 2010 Eurovision winner Lena, 2018 German representative Michael Schulte, Udo Lindenberg featuring Andreas Bourani and Revolverhead.

Germany’s Unser Lied fur Israel Results

  1. S!sters- ‘Sister’ (30 points)
  1. Makeda- ‘The Day I Loved You Most’ (26 points)
  2. Aly Ryan- ‘Wear Your Love’ (25 points)
  3. Lilly Among Clouds- ‘Surprise’ (25 points)
  4. Linus Bruhn- ‘Our City’ (23 points)
  5. Gregor Hägele- ‘Let Me Go’ (14 points)
  1. BB Thomaz- ‘Demons’ (13 points)
  • Listen to the winning song:
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