Three Acts advance from Ukraine’s Vidbir Semi 2!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

Ukraine continued their Eurovision 2019 bid this evening with the second of their semi finals for selection show Vidbir.Eight acts took part in the second semi final but there were only three spots available in the final next week. These went to Anna Maria, Kazka and Freedom Jazz who will sing ‘My Road’, ‘Apart’ and ‘Cupidon’ respectively.

The judging panel consisted of Eurovision winner Jamala, Eurovision runner up Andriy aka Verka Serduchka and Yevhen Filatov, member of ONUKA.

The full results of the show are below:

  1. Freedom Jazz- ‘Cupidon’ (16 points)
  2. Anna Maria- ‘My Road’ (12 points)
  3. Kazka- ‘Apart’ (12 points)
  4. Laud- ‘2 dni’ (9 points)
  5. Khayat- ‘Ever’ (8 points)
  6. Ivan Navi- ‘All for the Love’ (8 points)
  7. Braii- ‘Maybe’ (5 points)
  8. Kira Mazur- ‘Dykhaty’ (2 points)

These three acts will join Yuko, Maruv and Brunettes Shoot Blondes in the final of Vibdir next weekend.

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