Roko Blazevic Wins Croatia’s Dora 2019!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

Tonight Croatia crowned their Eurovision champ, choosing Roko Blazevic to represent them at the Contest in Tel Aviv with the song ‘The Dream’. 

They beat out strong competition from fifteen other contenders. The full results are below:

  1. Roko Blazevic- ‘The Dream’ (24 points)
  2. Lorena Bucan- ‘Tower of Babylon’ (18 points)
  3. Luka Nizetic- ‘Brutalero’ (13 points)
  4. Manntra- ‘In the Shadows’ (12 points)
  5. Ema Gagro- ‘Redemption’ (11 points)
  6. Bernarda Bruno- ‘I Believe In True Love’ (9 points)
  7. Elis Lovric- ‘All I Really Want’ (8 points)
  8. Jure Brkljaca- ‘Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu’ (7 points)
  9. Bojan and Danjela- ‘Vrijeme Predaje’ (6 points)
  10. Beta Sudar- ‘Don’t Give Up’ (6 points)
  11. Lidija Bacic- ‘Tek Je Pocelo’ (1 point)
  12. Gelato Sisters- ‘Back to the Swing’ (1 point)
  13. Kim Verson- ‘Nisam To Sto Zele’ (0 points)
  14. Domenica- ‘Indigo’ (0 points)
  15. Lea Mijatovic- ‘Tebi Pripadam’ (0 points)
  16. Jelena Bosancic- ‘Tell Me’ (0 points)

The winning song is below:

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