Lithuania Eurovizijos Semi 2 Results!


Lithuanian marathon selection show Eurovizijos continued this week. As the show moves to its penultimate episode, the successful acts from the heats took to the stage again to impress and make it to the grand final. 12 acts were in the running but only four of these advanced. Read on to find out who. The four successful acts were Jurijus, Antikvariniai Kaspirovskio Dantys, Monika Marija and Jurgis DID and Erica Jennings. The others have been eliminated. The full results are below:

  1. Jurijus- ‘Run with the Lions’ (24 points)
  2. Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys- ‘Mažulė’ (18 points)
  3. Monika Marija- ‘Criminal’ (17 points)
  4. Jurgis DID & Erica Jennings- ‘Sing!’ (17 points)
  5. Alen Chicco- ‘Your Cure’ (12 points)
  6. MaNNazz- ‘Blind Bird’ (8 points)
  7. Soliaris & Foreign Souls- ‘Song of My Life’ (6 points)
  8. Aldegunda- ‘I Want Your Love’ (5 points)
  9. Šarūnas Mačiūlis- ‘Traukinys’ (5 points)
  10. Original Copy- ‘Power of Sounds’ (4 points)
  11. Paola Hart- ‘I’ll Be Alright’ (2 points)
  12. Živilė Gedvilaitė- ‘Learn from Your Love’ (0 points)

These four will join Monika Marija, Jurgis Bruga, Justin’s Budaite Juna and Henry and Tommy Modric in next week’s final.

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