It’s Carousel for Latvia!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

A roster of eight Latvian singers (Carousel, Markus Riva, Double Faces Eels, Dzili Violets feat. Kozmens, Aivo Oskis, Edgars Kreilis, Laime Pilniga and Samanta Tina) fought it out to represent Latvia at Eurovision. The selection show Supernova came to a head tonight. There could only be one winner.

Winning the show was Carousel with song ‘That Night’. They won having secured the highest combined score from the jury and televote. Runner up was Markus Riva with ‘You Make Me So Crazy’. The full results are below:

Supernova Final Results

  1. Carousel- ‘That Night’

  2. Markus Riva- ‘You Make Me So Crazy’

  3. Laime Pilnīga- ‘Awe’

  4. Double Faced Eels- ‘Fire’

  5. Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens- ‘Tautasdziesma’

  6. Edgars Kreilis- ‘Cherry Absinthe’

  7. Samanta Tīna- ‘Cutting the Wire’

  8. Aivo Oskis- ‘Somebody’s Got My Lover’


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