Ranking: Croatia’s Dora 2019 Contenders!

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This week Croatia revealed the sixteen songs that will compete in their Eurovision selection show A Dora, on Saturday. Before the big decision is made, we take a look at all the songs and rate them out of ten and rank them from least fave to fave! Have a look and see how we got on!

16. Bojan and Danjela- ‘Vrijeme Predaje’


15. Bernarda Bruno- ‘I Believe In True Love’


14. Roko Blazevic- ‘The Dream’


13. Gelato Sisters- ‘Back to the Swing’


12. Lorena Bucan- ‘Tower of Babylon’


11. Jure Brkljaca- ‘Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu’


10. Elis Lovric- ‘All I Really Want’


9. Kim Verson- ‘Nisam To Sto Zele’


8. Domenica- ‘Indigo’


7. Ema Gagro- ‘Redemption’


6. Lea Mijatovic- ‘Tebi Pripadam’


5. Lidija Bacic- ‘Tek Je Pocelo’


4. Jelena Bosancic- ‘Tell Me’


3. Manntra- ‘In the Shadows’


2. Luka Nizetic- ‘Brutalero’


1. Beta Sudar- ‘Don’t Give Up’


20 second snippets for all the songs are available below!

Do you agree with our rankings? Leave us a comment!

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