Hungary’s A Dal Semi 1 Results!

Hungary has advanced to the semi final stage of their Eurovision selection show A Dal and this week they hosted the first semi final. Nine acts were in the running but only four of them could advance to the final. The acts advancing were Acoustic Planet, Petruska, Bence Vavra and the Middletonz while the others have been eliminated from the contest. The full results are below:

1. Acoustic Planet- ‘Nyári zápor’ (45 points)

2. Petruska- ‘Help Me Out of Here’ (42 points)

3. Bence Vavra- ‘Szótlanság’ (42 points)

4. The Middletonz- ‘Roses’ (41 points)

5. Konyha- ‘Százszor visszajátszott’ (38 points)

6. The Sign- ‘O’ (37 points)

7. DENIZ- ‘Ide várnak vissza’ (35 points)

8. Yesyes- ‘Complete’ (35 points)

9. USNK- ‘Posztolj’ (34 points)

A Dal continues next week when the remaining nine acts will perform their songs in the hopes of joining this week’s qualifiers in the final.

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