Eurovision NI Awards 2019: WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are in the midst of Eurovision Selection Season, then there’s Eurovision itself in May, but Eurovision fans are usually stuck for Eurovision entertainment from June through to December! In 2016 we tried to fill that gap with the launch of the Eurovision NI Awards. In 2019 we want to expand our offering to a bigger venue that can accommodate a bigger audience and we want to put on a Eurovision Extravaganza. In order to do that we need your help and would love it if you could donate to our Kickstarter campaign.

Help us Rise Like a Phoenix!

Eurovision NI is a Belfast based Eurovision blog which aims to bring its readers the latest Eurovision news, reviews, gossip, features and fun!

In 2016 we launched our first ever Eurovision NI Awards show which dished out gongs for the best and worst that Eurovision had to offer. The show has grown year on year moving from an event in my living room to a small sized external venue in 2018.

In 2018 we received acceptance videos from the likes of Buck’s FizzEleni FoureiraElina NechayevaIda MariaRyan O’ShaughnessySaara Aalto and even Conchita Wurst!

What’s Another Year?

We are eager to capitalise Everyway That We Can on our success and we want to do provide Eurovision fans of Belfast and the surrounding area with a fun night out and a spectacular show in 2019. The show will again showcase the best and worst from Eurovision this year, but on a bigger scale! We want to have guest performers, we want to have a professional set, we want to increase the number of attendees! In short we want to be bigger and better than ever before!

Why Me?

Being bigger and better however Don’t Come Easy. We need help to cover the costs of venue hire, AV hire and the booking of our artists and entertainers for the evening. This is where you come in! We’re calling all you Golden Boys and Slavic Girls donate any amount you can (Ooh Ahh Just a Little Bit, Ooh ahh a little bit more!) towards helping us get on our feet. In return we would have such Grande Amore for you and would reward you with a small token of thanks (see the rewards section)!

Playing With Numbers

So what is it we’re asking for?

  • Venue Hire: £800
  • Headline Artist Cost: £700
  • Irish Dancing Interval Act: £300
  • Presenter: £300
  • Award statuettes: £300
  • Sound engineer: £120
  • Decorations/Stage Dressing: £224

Total: £2,744

We have already raised £800 of our own funds, so our total ask is £1,944.

If we raise more than our ask, we will be able to put the extra money towards additional artists, more extravagant stage dressing and decorations and a photographer.

If you would like to donate or require more information, please visit our Kickstarter page.

Let us know what you think...

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