Hungary A Dal Heat 3 Results!

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Hungary rounded off the heat stage of their Eurovision selection show A Dal this evening. Ten more acts competed tonight for the six spots in the semi final round of the contest. The six acts making it through to the semi finals included the 2017 Hungarian representative Joci Papai, as well as Bogi Nagy, Petrushka, Ruby Harlem, Mocsok and USNK. The other four acts have been eliminated.

A Dal Heat 3 Results

  1. Bogi Nagy– ‘Holnap (41 points)
  2. Joci Pápai– ‘Az én apám (41 points)
  3. Petruska– ‘Help Me Out Of Here (40 points)
  4. Ruby Harlem– ‘Forró (40 points)
  5. Mocsok 1 Kölykök– ‘Egyszer (39 points)
  6. Leander Kills- ‘Hazavágyom’ (38 points)
  7. Salvus- ‘Barát’ (36 points)
  8. Monyo Project- ‘Run Baby Run’ (35 points)
  9. USNK– ‘Posztolj (35 points)
  10. Kyra- ‘Maradj még’ (28 points)

A total of 18 acts remain in the contest. Only half of these will make it through the semi finals to be held over the next two weeks.

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