Ranking: Slovenia’s EMA 2019 Contenders!

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On 16 February Slovenia will decide which of the ten competing songs in EMA 2019 will represent the nation at Eurovision 2019. Before then we take a look at each of the songs, rate them out of ten and rank them from our least favourite to our favourites. Have a look to see how we got on!


10. Renata Mohorič- ‘Three Bridges’


9. Okustični- ‘Metulji plešejo’ (‘Butterflies are Dancing’)


8. Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl- ‘Sebi’ (‘Oneself’)


7. INMATE- ‘Atma’


6. Fed Horses- ‘Ti ne poznaš konjev’ (‘You Don’t Know the Horses’)


5. René- ‘Ne poveš’ (‘You don’t say’)


4. Lumberjack- ‘Lepote dna’ (‘The Beauty of the Bottom)


3. Ula Ložar- ‘Fridays’


2. Raiven- ‘Kaos’ (‘Chaos’)


1. Kim- ‘Rhythm Back to You’


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