Ranking: Australia’s Australia Decides 2019 Contenders!

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Australia will decide the winner of their first ever Eurovision selection show: Australia Decides on 9 February. But before we find out who will represent them at Eurovision 2019, we take a look at all the songs in the running and rate and rank them in order of least favourites to faves. Read on to find out what we thought!

10. Mark Vincent- ‘This Is Not the End’


 9. Kate Miller-Heidke- ‘Zero Gravity’


8. Leea Nanos- ‘Set Me Free’


7. Alfie Arcuri- ‘To Myself’


6. Tania Doko- ‘Piece of Me’


5. Aydan Calafiore- ‘Dust’


4. Ella Hooper- ‘Data Dust’


3. Courtney Act- ‘Fight for Love’


2. Sheppard- ‘On My Way’


1. Electric Fields- ‘2000 and Whatever’


Do you agree with our rankings? Leave us a comment below and tell us your faves!

One thought on “Ranking: Australia’s Australia Decides 2019 Contenders!

  1. Kate has been underrated by almost everybody, despite the fact it could be superb live and good at the contest. Sheppard’s to lose as far as I’m concerned – not getting the hype with Electric Fields, who would probably be mid-table in Tel Aviv at best. But we’ll see…

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