Netta Releases New Track ‘Bassa Sababa’!

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The reigning Eurovision champ Netta Barzilai has released a new single and accompanying music video this morning. The song is entitled ‘Bassa Sababa’ and instead of featuring chicken noises (like her Eurovision track ‘Toy’), it features noises by rhinoceroses.

The track’s title roughly translated means Amazing Bassa (the people of Northern Africa) and links back to Netta’s childhood and growing up in Nigeria. When Netta was around 6 years old, her family moved to Nigeria whilst her father was on a mission. During her time there she fell in love with rhinos and so the sampling of the rhino’s cry makes sense?

The video features a giant pink twerking rhino, while Netta herself wears a pink tutu dress and rhino horn. The video is also inspired by retro video games with several Japanese style graphics, car chases and exploding bubble gum heads. Check it out!

Netta won the Eurovision Song Contest in May with her song ‘Toy’ with 529 points. This was Israel’s fourth win following previous success at the 1978, 1979 and 1998. Since Eurovision the song has gone on to top the charts in Israel and reached the top 40 in a number of European countries.

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