Ranking: Australia’s Australia Decides 2019 Contenders!

Australia will decide the winner of their first ever Eurovision selection show: Australia Decides on 9 February. But before we find out who will represent them at Eurovision 2019, we take a look at all the songs in the running and rate and rank them in order of least favourites to faves. Read on to find out what we thought!

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Netta Releases New Track ‘Bassa Sababa’!

The reigning Eurovision champ Netta Barzilai has released a new single and accompanying music video this morning. The song is entitled ‘Bassa Sababa’ and instead of featuring chicken noises (like her Eurovision track ‘Toy’), it features noises by rhinoceroses. Continue reading

Ranking: Slovenia’s EMA 2019 Contenders!

On 16 February Slovenia will decide which of the ten competing songs in EMA 2019 will represent the nation at Eurovision 2019. Before then we take a look at each of the songs, rate them out of ten and rank them from our least favourite to our favourites. Have a look to see how we got on!
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