10 Things About…Miki!

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Miki is the Spanish pick for Eurovision 2019. Find out more about the singer with 10 Things About…Miki!

1. Miguel ‘Miki’ Núñez Pozo was born on 6 January 1996. He is usually known by the mononym Miki.

2. Born in 1996 in Terrassa, Spain, Miki has learned music through practice, although he does not think of himself as a self-taught musician. Miki started studying music as a child because of his parents’ dedication to providing him with instruments, even though his home was not particularly musical.

3. At university, Miki studied guitar and piano, as well as a degree in Administration and Management.

4. As well as being a solo singer, Miki has also been a vocalist in cover band Dalton Bang. The six-piece consists of his high school best friends and was profoundly influenced by the booming mestizo Catalan scene, but also took inspiration from soul, ska, reggae and Latin pop. The band spent almost a decade on the road delivering high energy performances that made the audience feel like they were attending a fiesta.

5. In 2018, Miki auditioned for the tenth series of Operación Triunfo (the Spanish Version of ‘Fame Academy’), being one of the 18 contestants selected for the opening gala. He made it to the semi-finals and finished in sixth place.

6. Throughout the competition Miki showed promise performing songs like ‘Friday I’m in Love’ by the Cure, ‘Shallow’ from the film ‘A Star Is Born’ and ‘Can We Dance’ by the Vamps.

7. As one of the top contestants Miki was invited back to participate in the Gala Eurovision episode of the competition. Airing in January, two of the songs he penned were shortlisted for the episode. ‘Nadie se salva’ was a duet with fellow contestant Natalia Lacunza and ‘La Venda’ was a solo effort. Miki and Natalia were the only contestants with more than one song to perform in the national final.

8. On 20 January 2019, Miki was selected by audience vote to represent Spain at Eurovision 2019. The song ‘La Venda’ proved a huge hit and of the ten songs competing in the Eurovision Gala it received the most (34%) of the public vote.

9. His song, which translates as ‘The Blindfold’, was written by La Pegatina’s lead singer Adrià Salas.

10. When not performing, Miki likes to enjoy the great outdoors and can often be found hiking or chilling at the beach.


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