10 Things About…Eliot!

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Eliot will represent Belgium at Eurovision 2019. Find out more about the young singer with our 10 Things About…Eliot!

1. Belgian singer Eliot Vassamillet, also known simply as Eliot was born in Mons, Belgium on 29 December 2000.

2. Eliot was given his first guitar aged 7.

3. He has a passion is for English pop and melancholic songs.

4. In 2018 Eliot made his debut in the entertainment world by participating in the talent show ‘The Voice Belgique’. Eliot made it through the blind auditions phase and the battle rounds but was eliminated when the show progressed to the live show stage.

5. After The Voice, Eliot performed at several concerts across Belgium. Still just 18 years of age, Eliot also is currently finishing his secondary schooling at the Collège Saint-Stanislas in Mons.

6. Eliot has already developed a close friendship with the Spanish Eurovision 2019 counterpart Miki. The pair often send each other supportive messages on social media and have met in person a few times at the Eurovision pre parties and filming of the postcards in Israel.

7. His song ‘Wake Up’ was written by Pierre Dumoulin. Pierre was also the creative force behind ‘City Lights’, a melancholic pop ballad sung by Blanche that took fourth place for Belgium at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

8. Pierre was impressed with Eliot’s blind audition on the The Voice saying that ‘the sensitivity and the crack that’s needed to convey emotions’ was evident in Eliot’s performance.

9. As a result Pierre invited Eliot to his home in Liege. Pierre made him listen to a demo of what ‘Wake Up’ would become, and Eliot loved it straight away. They talked about the song’s themes together.

10. ‘Wake Up’ is a call to young people to be active and rally together for a better world. Pierre and Eliot want to send that positive message of friendship and open-mindedness.

Check out the video for ‘Wake Up’ below”

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