It’s Lake Malawi for Czech Republic!

Eurovision Guide 2019, News

The Czech 2019 Eurovision selection process came to a close today and broadcaster CT have announced that Lake Malawi has won ESCZ 2019 and will represent the nation at Eurovision 2019 with the song ‘Friend of a Friend’.

The selection process took place completely online with Czech viewers and international viewers able to vote for their favourite songs through the official Eurovision 2019 App. Voting closed last week and in the meantime the international jurors had been called on to reveal their 12 points.

The jury made up of former Eurovision stars dished out their 12 points as follows:

Cesár Sampson (Austria): Barbora Mochowa- ‘True Colours’

Rasmussen (Denmark): Barbora Mochowa- ‘True Colours’

ZIBBZ (Switzerland): Barbora Mochowa- ‘True Colours’

Ira Losco (Malta): Lake Malawi- ‘Friend of a Friend’

Elina Nechayeva (Estonia): Lake Malawi- ‘Friend of a Friend’

AWS (Hungary): Andrea Holá- ‘Give Me a Hint’

Alma (France): Barbora Mochowa- ‘True Colours’

Ari Ólafsson (Iceland): Lake Malawi- ‘Friend of a Friend’

JOWST (Norway): Lake Malawi- ‘Friend of a Friend’

Ryan O’Shaughnessy (Ireland): Lake Malawi- ‘Friend of a Friend’

The jury votes were tallied and then allocated scores (Eurovision style: 12 to 1), added to these points were the votes Czech Public (again Eurovision style 12 to 1). This meant that Lake Malawi came on top with 22 points, while there was a three way tie for second between Jakub Ondra, Pamela Rabbit and Barbora Mochowa who all received a total of 18 points.

The full results are below:

  1. Lake Malawi- ‘Friend of a Friend’ 12 (jury), 10 (public) 22 points (total) 

  2. Jakub Ondra- ‘Space Sushi’ 6 (jury), 12 (public)= 18 points (total)

  3. Pamela Rabbit- ‘Easy to Believe’ 10 (jury), 8 (public)= 18 points (total)

  4. Barbora Mochowa- ‘True Colors’ 12 (jury), 6 (public)= 18 points (total)

  5. Andrea Holá- ‘Give Me a Hint’ 8 (jury), 4 (public)= 12 points (total)

  6. Tomáš Boček- ‘Don’t Know Why’ 6 (jury), 3 (public)= 9 points (total)

  7. Jara Vymer- ‘On My Knees’ 3 (jury), 4 (public)= 7 points (total)

  8. Hana Barbara- ‘Poslední slova tobě’ 4 (jury), 3 (public)= 7 points (total)

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