Daniel Mazuz Eliminated from Israel’s Rising Star!

Eurovision Guide 2019

Israel continue their Rising Star competition, the show to select their artist to defend their Eurovision crown. Eleven became ten when Osher Biton became the latest act to be eliminated from the show.

The remaining ten contestants were paired in four thematical duels: in the first duel four contestants were paired in two duets, the contestants in the second duel had to sing about a personal story, the third duel consisted of votes of the audience only and the contestants in the fourth duel had to sing in duet with one of the judges, Harel Skaat.

From each duel, the contestant with the higher score advanced to the next phase of the competition.

Maya Bouskilla & Ketreyah- ‘Bang Bang’ (94%) v. Ofri Calfon & Daniel Barzilay- ‘Lifnei she’yigamer’ (92%)

Danielle Mazuz- ‘Make You Feel My Love’ (58%) v Kobi Marimi- ‘This Is Me’ (81%)

Shefita- ‘Material Girl’ (37%) v. Tai- ‘Womanizer’ (76%)

Shalva Band & Harel Skaat- ‘Bechayai’ (83%) v. Avraham de Carvalho & Harel Skaat- ‘Shallow’ (75%)

At the end of the duels, four contestants who did not win their duels were saved by the judges and the remaining one contestant was eliminated.

Ofri Calfon & Daniel Barzilay (saved)

Danielle Mazuz (eliminated)

Shefita (saved)

Avraham de Carvalho & Harel Skaat (saved)

The remaining nine acts will battle it out over the next few weeks until a winner is determined. The top nine are:

Daniel Barzilay
Maya Buskila
Avraham de Carvalho
Shalva Band
Ofri Calfon
Kobi Marimi

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