Latvia’s Supernova Heat One Results!


A roster of eight Latvian singers (Aivo Oskis, Alekss Silvers, Edgars Kreilis, Elza Rozentale, Kris and Oz, Laime Pilniga, Liga Ridere and Samanta Tina) fought it out for a place in the final of Latvia’s Eurovision selection show Supernova tonight. There was only room for four in the final. So who made it?

The four successful acts were Aivo Oskis, Edgars Kreilis, Laime Pilniga and Samanta Tina. Alekss Silvers, Elza Rozantale, Kris and Oz and Liga Ridere meanwhile have been eliminated from the competition.

Supernova Semi Final 1 Results

Aivo Oskis- ‘Somebody’s Got My Lover’
Alekss Silvērs- ‘Fireworks’
Edgars Kreilis- ‘Cherry Absinthe’
Elza Rozentāle- ‘You Came on Tiptoe’
Kris & Oz- ‘Midnight Streets’
Laime Pilnīga- ‘Awe’
Līga Rīdere- ‘Būšu tepat’
Samanta Tīna- ‘Cutting the Wire’

These four will face off against the four qualifiers from the second semi final which will air next week.

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